Wheels, words, and winter have propelled me through life. As a pre-teen, I pedaled seven days a week, delivering newspapers, on my first love —  my Mongoose BMX bike. A few years later, I discovered skateboarding, snowboarding, and publishing and soon merged my love of skateboarding with writing and photography to create a skateboard ‘zine.


All those miles in the saddle and love of snow was phenomenal preparation for working winters as a bike messenger, in Pre-Giuliani glory days where the only laws that applied to couriers were physics.  


But when I experienced my first powder day at a ski resort in upstate New York, a lifelong love affair with snowboarding began. Less than a year later, Bozeman, Montana was home, and I was snowboarding daily, writing, and playing a bit of poker to make ends meet.


I’ve worked in most parts of the outdoor industry since. Turning wrenches in a handful of bike shops, consulting/test-riding early iterations of belt drive transmission, and getting my start writing about gear for the Physical Culture column in The New York Times. I’m also an award-winning marketer, working with brands like Mammoth Resorts, Dos Equis, and Adobe.


An animal lover, I’ve volunteered for both canine as well as feline-focused non-profits and served on the board for Kitty Bungalow School of Wayward Cats. I’ve also helped prepare meals for Food not Bombs.

I still love wheels, words, and winters. And I really love helping like-minded companies and clients succeed.