Like the news of yore has given way to the Stephen Colberts of the world, copy has changed. Potential clients and guests want a soft and fun sell; the fewer exclamation points the better. Do that right and they’ll feel the emphasis.


I’ve written short and long copy in all mediums for a diverse group of clients including hotels, restaurants, destinations, as well as purveyors of products like paper, beer, and jewelry. With every digital word I write, SEO is paramount.


I also know the outdoors world inside and out, so I can speak authentically to the audience whether they’re hardcore or more casual. Early on in my copywriting career, I was brought in to buff out finalized copy for an outdoors client from a well-known agency that was fun, but “just wasn’t there”.

Social Media

Social media strategy, management, measurement, and execution

Creating social media strategy and integrating digital with marketing objectives. I can provide services like copywriting, content creation, content curation, contesting, robust social media engagement, long-term strategy and planning, branding, and digital event initiatives. And because the best way to quantify success is measurement, I can provide in-depth analytics as well as big picture takeaways.


Video Scripting and Branding

When Mammoth Mountain’s famous mascot Woolly needed a wingman, Krcmar created a furry friend for the pot bellied behemoth. Together, they embarked on summertime adventures to all over the 93546, entertaining viewers and introducing the town’s summer attributes to guests who just considered it a winter destination. Years later, Krcmar collaborated on the names of the new mascots and coined the name “Huck” for Woolly’s co-conspirator, a fun-loving bear, who is playful in the park, loving to throw himself off little jumps as well as being the Huck Finn to Woolly’s Tom Sawyer.



Storytelling is fast becoming the key to successful branding. A trained journalist, storytelling is a skill I’ve spent years refining. I use my interviewing skills to lure out deep, genuine, personal, and profound stories from real people using brands. These tales make for effective elements of campaigns that customers and potential customers relate to.


Branded Content

I’ve written for the millennial cool kids who read Thrillist, the affluent audience who charter private flights, action sports lovers at as well as the general audience who visit Mammoth Mountain and